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Water purification apparatus Home > ǰҰ > Water purification apparatus > Ultra pure water system
ǰ :  Ultra pure water system
𵨸 :  Arioso Series

                •ʼ ġ

16 x 2 Characters backlight digital display.

Automatic recycling at 2nd setting value.

Manual recycling function to maintain ultra pure water

Very simple to exchange the filter-pack.(molding type)

Model Arioso Power I Arioso Power I +70 Arioso Power Il Arioso Power Il +70 Arioso Power Il(TOC)
Product flow rate(RO,UP) Max. 15L/Hr

Max. 15L/Hr Max. 70L/Hr

Max. 15L/Hr

Max. 15L/Hr Max. 15L/Hr

Max. 15L/Hr
Display & controller Large color 70x52 touch screen -
Water quality display Ambient Temp : -10 to 100 Feed Water Temp : 0 to 100 Feed Water 0 to 999 Pure Water(RO) : 0.2 to 250 Ultra Pure(UP) up to - - - TOC :0 to 200ppb
Pressure Display Digital Pressure Sensor(0~10) Feed water pressure RO membrane pressure
Self-chek function

Various valves  System operation status Auto sensor calibration(RO,UP)  Self-diagnosis

Cleaning Function

Auto regular cleaning Self-text  Auto regular cleaning Auto cleaning lower than setting value

System Function

Filter replacement alarm & display (A/C, RO/UP pack, UF, UV lamp, 0.2CF, etc Volimetric time setting(RO/UP)  Auto/Manual Pressure S/W Language (English, Korean, etc)  Extensible point of use

Dimensions(WxDxH) 320x490x475 mm
Power 230V / 110V , 50/60Hz,

Standard Accessories

Pretreatment System, ROmembrane, UP Pack, Level Sensor, Manual, Power Cord

Optional Accessories

Printer Foot Pedal switch water tank (20L, 30L, 40L, 60L) Pretreatment system  Vent filter for PE water tank   Frame  Low Pressure valve, Wall-mounting bracket

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